Observing math instruction

There are six principles that lead teachers and also help them understand the standards that are being addressed; these are equity, curriculum, teaching, learning, assessment and technology Burns, There was no need to make any changes and in my opinion I would not have done anything different.

One of the questions was packing for camp, what things would one need to Observing math instruction. The students would go up to this particular board and click on what they wanted to use and then preceded to write whatever their question was.

Though this is Observing math instruction high school class the standards that the teacher used to teach this concept were the common core standard 3. The reasoning for this is many teachers have been in the system for a while and are not as open to using updated information. She also explained that sometimes there are special education students in the class but the same procedure takes place with the paraprofessional.

The instruction was already differentiated because of the nature of the class, being a fundamental of math class there were not many students who understood the topic and all were evenly addressed with the lesson plan and structure as well as the way the material was introduced and practiced by all the students.

Retrieved July 12,from Core Standards. The students were to round numbers from the tens, hundreds and thousands place and use the numbers to guide them in to whether the number was to be rounded down or to be rounded up.

Observing math instruction

Education In every aspect of life there is a need for some kind of standard, in mathematic instruction there are two aspects of these standards, processing and constructivism. The teacher had different little rhymes she would use to jog the students memory.

The teacher had different little rhymes she would use to jog the students memory. According to several statistics noted student achievement has greatly improved, but the use of these standards is slow to catch on. In this particular standard the student focuses on problem solving, reasoning, and proof of.

Standards are an example of what learning should occur in students. Teachers have shown concern as to how the standards can be addressed and applied in the classroom and through the activities that they are doing with their students.

Introduction to the Mathematics Instructional Practice Guide

The teacher did however use an overhead board that had some technological tools. Students will practice independently and with the teacher using whiteboards, scratch paper and pencils where appropriate. On the flip side, which is the traditional way of teaching math, students are sponges and just absorb what they are being taught and then copy what the teacher has told them for the lesson they are doing.

She put a set of numbers on the board and walked the students through each one rounding them either up or down and according to their Observing math instruction value the numbers she used either had a number that would round it down or up such as the number would be rounded down to and a number such as would be rounded up to Nelson, For the Spanish students there was a paraprofessional that translated and helped the Spanish students to understand the questions being asked.

The math standards are clear and concise, so the use of these standards has become practical and easy for most teachers to use.

The question was how many ways can 36 tiles are drawn. Students are not expected to rely on prior knowledge or background for learning experience.

NCTM has standards that apply to all teachers and address the need for a uniform program of teaching mathematics and with the use of mathematics.

Teach. Obviously, part of good teaching is planning instructional time allocations and selecting appropriate books. But here I want to focus more on the notion of active instruction – the modeling and demonstration of the useful strategies that good readers employ.

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Kilgore College Broadway Kilgore, TX () hazemagmaroc.com of mathematics instruction in their schools. How can you tell if teachers are using new methods effectively? And how What to Look for.

in Your Math Classrooms.

Observing Math instruction - Essay Example

Barbara Scott Nelson and Annette Sassi. seen in his school by observing a third-grade class and talking with the students. “Lo and behold, I found a lot of our. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W- Z.

Observing math instruction

In education, as in most specialized professions, educators use terms.

Observing math instruction
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